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Product Description  Infrared centering machine device is a new product integrating light, machine and electricity. This device is widely used in printing and dyeing industry, setting machines, singeing machines, washing machines, drying machines, printing machines and other mechanical equipment. It has a strong center correction function, which can quickly and steadily correct the deviation of the symmetrical position of the fabric axis without being affected by the material and thickness of the fabric. It has the function of expanding the wrinkles of the fabric to ensure that the fabric is flat and centered. Processing Equipment. Product description  The infrared centering equipment is a new product integrated with optical,mechanical and electronic technologies which is widely applied to setting machine,singeing machine,washing machine,drying machine and printing machine of the printing and dyeing industry.The equipment has a strong ability of central correction which can correct the deviation of axisymmetric position of the fabric fast and smooth without the influence of the fabric material and thickness.The equipment also has the ability of tightening the creases of the fabrics which can promise the fabrics entering the processing equipment smooth and medially . Performance characteristics 1. Three spreading rollers can fully unfold the fabric; the contact surface between the fabric and the spreading roller can be easily adjusted. 2. Infrared detector, full-frame non-contact detection of fabric deviation; 3. The cylinder drives the correction roller to keep the fabric stably in the middle position; 4. Convenient operation, sensitive action and reliable operation. Performance features 1. The three pieces of spreading rollers can unfold the fabric fully; the contract surface between fabric and spreading rollers can be adjusted easily. 2. The infrared detector can detect the deviation of full width fabric contactlessly. 3. The cylinder-driven roller can locate the fabric in the middle position steadily. 4. Easy operation, sensitive action, reliable performance. Product parameter 1. Stainless steel expanding roller: φ100mm*3, winding wire φ4mm, round wire or flat wire 2. Motor power: 750W*2 sets (depending on the door width) 3. Infrared control system: one set (many types to choose from) 4. Alignment correction drive: cylinder drive, air pressure 3kgf/c㎡ 5. Power supply: three-phase 380V AC 50Hz 6. Installed capacity: dynamic 1.5KVA Technical parameters 1. Stainless steel spreading roller: φ100mm*3pcs, wrapping wire φ4mm, round wire or flat wire 2. Motor power: 750W*2pcs(subject to the width) 3. Infrared control system: 1 set(various options) 4. Centering correction drive: cylinder-driven, pneumatic pressure 3kgf/c㎡ 5. Power supply: three phase 380V AC 50 Hz 6. Installed capacity: dynamic 1.5KVA


Product description  ZJ-DB03 model photoelectric edge alignment probe is used widely in fabric rolling machine, rolling inspecting machine and other kinds of rolling or packing machines in the papermaking and plastic industries. This equipment can control the edge smooth while the products are being rolled to guarantee the quality of the finished rolled products. It is also suitable for substance presence detecting. 图片 (19).jpg