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Rotary Encoder

Complete models: The product series includes solid shaft, hollow shaft, half-hollow shaft and cone shaft models, servo-specific encoders, and wire encoders. Such as: Size: Φ25mm/Φ30mm/Φ38mm/Φ48mm/Φ58mm/Φ60mm/Φ80mm/Φ100mm Resolution: 100PPR/200PPR/300PPR/360PPR/400PPR/500PPR/600PPR/1000PPR/1024PPR/2000PPR/2048PPR/2500PPR /5000PPR Rotary encoder is a displacement sensor that integrates mechanical, optical and electrical technologies. Through photoelectric conversion, mechanical displacement such as angular displacement and angular velocity can be converted into corresponding electrical pulses. It is mainly used for speed measurement, positioning, counting and other applications.   All series are metal housings, high protection level Optimized circuit design, good EMC and high accuracy Multiple output type options Installation size compatible with mainstream brands, easy to replace Components are well-known brands, guaranteed Small size, light weight and easy installation Suitable for a variety of automation equipment Can be customized

ZJ-TB2018 Servo Edge Detection All-in-one Machine ALL-IN-ONE SERVO EDGE DETECTING EQUIPMENT

Product Description  The ZJ-TB2018 infrared servo edge detector is used in textile, light industry and chemical industry. It is usually installed in the setting machine, stenter, coating machine, flocking machine, etc. When the fabric enters the equipment, Both sides of the fabric must be incorporated into the needle plate or cloth clip. When the edge position of the fabric is constantly changing, the infrared edge detection device can adjust the position of the needle plate chain rail, so that the cloth edge is correctly incorporated into the needle plate, so that the edge of the processed fabric is The needle width is maintained well. ZJ-TB2018 is an "integrated edge detection device" with vertical control loops on the left and right sides. It sets a new standard for high-speed production of needles, with a simplified structure, real-time detection with a CCD infrared sensor with a resolution of 0.1mm, and needles on the ground at the edge of the cloth. By driving the track of the setting machine by the motor on the row of teeth, this edge detector is easy to use even in harsh environments. Whether you are installing or refitting new or old equipment, you can make your equipment run smoothly at high speed and have good productivity. Product description  ZJ-TB2018 model servo edge detecting all-in-one equipment is widely applied in the textile,light and chemical industries which is usually installed in the feeding area of ​​the setting machine,spreading machine,coating machine and flocking machine.When the fabric is entering the equipment,the two sides of the fabric must be set into the faller bar or clip accurately .When the edge position of the fabric in the feeding area is changing, the edge detecting equipment can adjust the position of the faller bar chain .This can promise the fabric edge setting into the faller bar correctly to keep the needle width always same of the fabric edge while processing. ZJ-TB2018 model is the original one called all-in-one edge detecting equipment in China which have two independent control circuits on the left and right sides.It has established a new standard for needling fabric edge accurately in the high-speed production. The equipment with simplified structure ,going with real-time detecting CCD infrared electric eye with 0.1mm resolution ratio ,ensures the fabric edge needle accurately.Through the action of motor driving track of the setting machine on the toothrow, this equipment also durable in use even under severe environments. Your new or old machine installed or modified will have a stable and high-speed working performance leading to an improved productivity.