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NEW EASY SUPREME TOUCH 8.1 SMART SYSTEM [Enhancement, knowledge and innovation.] Description: MACHINE WITH INNOVATIVE TENSION CONTROL SYSTEM NEW SUEDING MACHINE EASY SUPREME TOUCH 8.1 SMART THE ULTIMATE NOVELTIES The long experience gained in sueding, along with the close co-operation with customers, enabled Caru' to set up a specific machines making technique, having the first-rate production as final target to achieve the highest quality in fabric finishing. The new machine "EST 8.1" is a SUEDING MACHINE having 8 sueding rollers full covered of diamong emery, 8 (height) Sueding rollers with a Diam. of 200mm dynamically balanced with clamping/tensioning device for abrasive tape. Abrasive brushes can also be use. Process fabrics with 8 sueding rollers on one side of the fabrics or 4 sueding rollers on right side and 4 sueding rollers on back side of the fabric. Sueding rollers NO. 1 – 3 – 6 – 8, are provide with oscillating motion system. Jointless Diamond tapes;One entire belt, high resistancy, it can be reinstalled on the roller many times and every time without be damaged. In all Caru's machines,the sueding rollers can be made in light weight composite carbon fibre, which are more light and strong, giving advantage of high rotary speed and assure a perfect stability. Characteristics: Diamond and Abrasive brushes can be used in this machine.


SPREADING DEVICES [AL1] Description: AL1 is a spreading unit that facilitates distension of the fabric thanks to two scroll rollers which rotate in the opposite direction of the fabric. The angle of incidence of the two rollers can be adjusted at 360°.



The aim of these ribbons is the interchange ability simplicity, at the present in use both for the teasiling machine and for the wool carding machines and for the other workings where there is the need of an immediately replacement

Manufacturing Features

  • Manufatured with a special base, with more levels, that allows to avoid deformations during the working phases
  • The trimming can be with the application of horse hair, bristle, nylon, tampico
  • The materials and the working processes used, grant the respect of the functional features and of the safety regulations

Functional Features

  • Application simplicity on any surface, circular of flat
  • Longitudinal and torsional rigidity suitable for avoiding undesired deformations
  • Long working life even in hard exercise conditions

Load Cell Amplifier CD/CV 2201

  • Used for connecting two fabric tension sensors with a strain gauge bridge
  • Single-channel measuring amplifier for connecting two fabric tension sensors with a strain gauge bridge
  • Precision instrument amplifier with low temperature drift, high long-term stability and excellent linearity
  • With potentiometer for zero point and tare adjustment as well as amplification setting
  • Internal reference voltage for measuring amplifier calibration without reference weights given exact knowledge of the wrapping angle and mounting position
Accuracy class 0.1
Amplification range 990 to 3400 V/V, 400 to 1250 V/V, 600 to 2050 V/V, 300 to 1025 V/V
Input voltage 0 to ±20 mV
Output signals Voltage 0 to ±10 V (rise time 5 ms)
Output signals Voltage filtered 0 to ±10 V  (rise time 2s)
Output signals, current 0/4 mA to 20 mA
Current 0.2 A
Nominal temperature +0 °C to +60 °C
Temperature coefficient of the nominal value ±3% / 10 K
Temperature coefficient of the zero signal ±3% / 10 K
Temperature coefficient of the bridge voltage ±0.04% / 10 K
Operating voltage, nominal value 24 V DC
Operating voltage, nominal range 20 to 30 V DC
Bridge supply voltage, nominal value 10 V DC
Bridge supply voltage, nominal range 9 to 13 V DC
Protection class, top-hat rail mounting in acc. with DIN EN 50022 IP 00
Protection class, top-hat rail mounting with housing IP 54
Weight 0,13 kg

Barco Sedo Profibus 16

Profi 16

External I/O modules

These units are part of the modular design initiative that enable our Sedomat controllers to operate using either their own I/O, remote I/O or an optimization of the two. These peripheral modules connect to the controllers using a PROFIBUS DP interface and offer both digital and analogue inputs and outputs. Both the Profi 16 and 32 were specialy designed fo the automation of textile finishing machines and are compatible with modules from other suppliers.

Optimized for the use in textile finishing

Profibus DP:

PROFIBUS DP is a world wide accepted standard field bus for the connection of inputs, outputs, frequency inverters, PLC components, sensors, valves, remote displays etc. This standard industry bus has been chosen as part of our open connectivity strategy. The field bus concept significantly reduces the panel building overhead by eliminating a large part of the wiring. World wide, thousands of PROFIBUS DP ready peripherals are available so providing an enormous choice of components. This flexibility and freedom of choice will have a positive effect on performance and price of the machine automation. The PROFIBUS DP field bus is supported by Siemens, Klöckner Moeller, Mitsubishi, Matsushita, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Weidmüller, Wago, Lenze, KEB, Hitachi, Festo, Parker, etc.


  • All inputs are equipped with green, all outputs with red LED’s.
  • All inputs and outputs are optical isolated.
  • 4 Status-LED’s showing the actual status.
  • All connections equipped with plug-in terminals.
  • Ready to use Profibus cable in desired length on request.


  • 2 analogue inputs 0 - 20mA or 4 - 20mA
  • 2 PT100 temperature inputs 0-150°C
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 2 counter inputs 800Hz
  • 4 analogue outputs 0 - 20mA or 4- 20mA
  • 16 digital outputs (max. 0.5A)
Fieldbus: Profibus DP Slave
Power supply: 24V DC (19-32V)
Dimensions: 243.3 x 133 x 54.6mm (w x h x d)

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