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ZJ-TB2008 Servo Edge Detection Device

Product Description The ZJ-TB2008 infrared servo edge detector is used in the textile, light industry and chemical industries. It is usually installed in the setting machine, stenter, coating machine, flocking machine, etc. When the fabric enters the equipment, the fabric Both sides are incorporated into the needle plate or cloth clamp. When the position of the fabric edge is constantly changing, the infrared edge detection device can adjust the position of the needle plate chain rail, so that the cloth edge is correctly incorporated into the needle plate, so that the upper needle width of the processed fabric edge Keep the position aligned. ZJ-TB2008 infrared servo edge detector has the characteristics of high sensitivity, strong interference, stable output, long service life, and low power consumption when using 220V power supply. Its two infrared sensors are suitable for different types of fabrics, for dark, light, thick, light and thin. Smooth or rough edges, loose or tight fabrics can be smoothly controlled. The ZJ-TB2008 infrared device adopts a brand-new scheme and uses a servo motor drive, creating a new infrared edge detection controller. The servo motor is made of high working temperature, high magnetic energy and permanent magnet materials, and optimized electromagnetic design. The motor maintains excellent working conditions for long-term operation, has good low-speed characteristics, moderate motor inertia, and protection class IP65. Whether you are installing or refitting new or old equipment, you can make your equipment run smoothly at high speed and have good productivity. Product description  ZJ-TB2008 model servo edge detecting equipment is widely applied in the textile,light and chemical industries which is usually installed in the feeding area of ​​the setting machine,spreading machine,coating machine and flocking machine.When the fabric is entering the equipment,the two sides of the fabric must be set into the faller bar or clip accurately .When the edge position of the fabric in the feeding area is changing, the edge detecting equipment can adjust the position of the faller bar chain .This can promise the fabric edge setting into the faller bar correctly to keep the needle width always same of the fabric edge while processing. ZJ-TB2008 model servo edge detecting equipment has the advantages including high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, stable output and long service life and low consumption using 220V power supply. It has two infrared sensors applied to various kinds of fabrics, such as dark color, light color, thick weight, light weight, shape edge, rough edge, loose and tight ones and the fabrics can be controlled stably and efficiently. ZJ-TB2008 model servo edge detecting equipment adopted the new project using servo motor drive to invent a new infrared edge detecting equipment. The servo motor only selects the superior permanent magnet material with high working temperature and high magnetic energy and is designed with optimized electromagnetism. The motor can keep an excellent working state even after a long-time operation, with good low-speed characteristic, moderate motor inertia and IP65 grade protection. Your new or old machine installed or modified will have a stable and high-speed working performance leading to an improved productivity.