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Azbil Temperature controller-C26TR0UA2000

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These cylinder brush are able to remove the traces of colour left on carpets during the printing phase

Manufacturing Features

  • Internal part tube in steel
  • Heads and pivots in steel or inox, shrinking on. The pivots are rectified and if required, they are fixed by screws in order to facilitate the substitution
  • There is a special covering for the tube in steel in order to avoid the corrosion due the chemical agents
  • The bristle disposition can be full, helical and bi-helical
  • Normally trimmed with bristles in nylon, but on request, it can be supplied with any other kind of material
  • Turned and levelled surface for a perfect circularity and concentricity respect to the axe of rotation
  • Manufactured by respecting the dimensions and the features chosen by the Customer
  • The materials and the working processes used, grant the respect of the functional features and of the safety regulations

Erhardt+Leimer Digital Controller DC5501

Erhardt+Leimer Digital Controller DC5501

Brand: Erhardt + Leimer Model No: DC5501
Erhardt Leimer (E+L) Digital Controller DC5501

Infrared edge sensor FR 5503

Product description
  • Used for optical and mechanical scanning of web edges in tenters
  • Infrared edge sensor based on the reflection principle
  • Reliable scanning of the web edge even on contrast-rich printed materials and low-reflective colors
  • In case of uneven web edges, mechanical scanning by pivoting in the scanning lever will dampen the control
  • Measuring range: ±10 mm
Technical Specifications
Nominal supply voltage 24 V DC
Permitted supply voltage range 20 to 30 V DC (ripple included)
Current consumption 100 mA
Power consumption 2.4 W
Scanning frequency 100 Hz
Measuring range +/- 10 mm
Distance edge sensor - web 36 mm
Protection class Max. IP 65 with suitable connector inserted
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +60 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C to +80 °C
Weight without scanning lever 0.37 kg
Weight with scanning lever 0.46 kg

Photoelectric Sensor

Complete models: including diffuse reflection, retro-reflection, and through-beam type. Various installation methods: including cylindrical installation and square installation. Large monitoring range: from 5cm to 50m, according to your needs, we provide the most suitable products for you. Photoelectric sensors are sensors that use various properties of light to detect the presence or absence of an object and change in surface state. They are mainly composed of a light-emitting projection unit and a light-receiving unit that receive light. If the projected light is blocked or reflected depending on the detection object, the amount of light reaching the light-receiving part will change. The light receiving unit detects this change and converts it into an electrical signal for output.   Optimized circuit design, strong anti-interference ability High reliability and high accuracy Metal case for easy installation and protection Adjustable sensitivity Suitable for multiple applications Compact design with built-in amplifier Far distance detection


All type & brand proximity & photoelectric sensor.