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Rotary Encoder

Complete models: The product series includes solid shaft, hollow shaft, half-hollow shaft and cone shaft models, servo-specific encoders, and wire encoders. Such as: Size: Φ25mm/Φ30mm/Φ38mm/Φ48mm/Φ58mm/Φ60mm/Φ80mm/Φ100mm Resolution: 100PPR/200PPR/300PPR/360PPR/400PPR/500PPR/600PPR/1000PPR/1024PPR/2000PPR/2048PPR/2500PPR /5000PPR Rotary encoder is a displacement sensor that integrates mechanical, optical and electrical technologies. Through photoelectric conversion, mechanical displacement such as angular displacement and angular velocity can be converted into corresponding electrical pulses. It is mainly used for speed measurement, positioning, counting and other applications.   All series are metal housings, high protection level Optimized circuit design, good EMC and high accuracy Multiple output type options Installation size compatible with mainstream brands, easy to replace Components are well-known brands, guaranteed Small size, light weight and easy installation Suitable for a variety of automation equipment Can be customized