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RAISING MACHINE DOUBLE DRUM [2G24 ] Description: RAISING MACHINES FOR WOVEN AND KNITTING FABRICS WITH DOUBLE DRUMS DOUBLE DRUMS WITH 24 ROLLERS . The raising machine 2G24 is controlled by PLC, with operator interface by Color Touch Screen and inverters controlled.Machine can process any kind of fabrics from natural or synthetic fibres and is available with 24 + 24 raising rollers,widths from mm.1800 to mm.3600; The machine has metallic cleaning brushes in synchronization with the drum; The metallic brushes are use for cleaning and sharpening of the raising fillet and allow raising fillets last longer. Characteristics: The 2G24 raising machine has been recently renewed and equipped with the latest components and knowledges. In the 2G24 machine, the main objective was to create a versatile and complete machine, capable of facing and therefore facilitating all the problems related to the raising process of all types of fabrics. The design of the new range of our raising machines, was carried out according to the most modern design methods, thus allowing the creation of a product that, on the market, is placed in the range of high performance machines. Innovative, high-performance, sturdy and very reliable raising machines made in the name of technological innovation at the service of an increasingly demanding clientele but always in accordance with our sixty-year construction experience.