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DUST CLEANING BRUSHING MACHINES Description: LINT/ DUST REMOVAL MACHINE High power brushing machines suitable for all fabric cleaning operations, where traditional brushes can not obtain positive effects. Clean using ionizing air flow technology. Neutralizes Surface Charges The machine is equipped with 4 high pressure air-blades, each one with individual motor-fan; Each air-blade has one ionized bar to ionize the air flow blowing on fabrics. This system remove the static from fabrics making easy to remove surface particles dust. Individual motor for each brush; 4 sets of nylon hair brushes made of helical bristles shape; 2 High pressure motor fan for air-blades; 4 set of high pressure air-blades; 4 ionized bars positioned inside the air-blades; Windows for easy access inside the machine; Load cell or dancing roller for tension control of fabrics; Electric panel with inverters control for fabric pulling and speed of brushes; Batching roller at outlet; Complete suction unit, with motor-fan and filter bags ;