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NEW EASY SUPREME TOUCH 8.1 SMART SYSTEM [Enhancement, knowledge and innovation.] Description: MACHINE WITH INNOVATIVE TENSION CONTROL SYSTEM NEW SUEDING MACHINE EASY SUPREME TOUCH 8.1 SMART THE ULTIMATE NOVELTIES The long experience gained in sueding, along with the close co-operation with customers, enabled Caru' to set up a specific machines making technique, having the first-rate production as final target to achieve the highest quality in fabric finishing. The new machine "EST 8.1" is a SUEDING MACHINE having 8 sueding rollers full covered of diamong emery, 8 (height) Sueding rollers with a Diam. of 200mm dynamically balanced with clamping/tensioning device for abrasive tape. Abrasive brushes can also be use. Process fabrics with 8 sueding rollers on one side of the fabrics or 4 sueding rollers on right side and 4 sueding rollers on back side of the fabric. Sueding rollers NO. 1 – 3 – 6 – 8, are provide with oscillating motion system. Jointless Diamond tapes;One entire belt, high resistancy, it can be reinstalled on the roller many times and every time without be damaged. In all Caru's machines,the sueding rollers can be made in light weight composite carbon fibre, which are more light and strong, giving advantage of high rotary speed and assure a perfect stability. Characteristics: Diamond and Abrasive brushes can be used in this machine.