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Infrared edge sensor FR 5503

Product description
  • Used for optical and mechanical scanning of web edges in tenters
  • Infrared edge sensor based on the reflection principle
  • Reliable scanning of the web edge even on contrast-rich printed materials and low-reflective colors
  • In case of uneven web edges, mechanical scanning by pivoting in the scanning lever will dampen the control
  • Measuring range: ±10 mm
Technical Specifications
Nominal supply voltage 24 V DC
Permitted supply voltage range 20 to 30 V DC (ripple included)
Current consumption 100 mA
Power consumption 2.4 W
Scanning frequency 100 Hz
Measuring range +/- 10 mm
Distance edge sensor - web 36 mm
Protection class Max. IP 65 with suitable connector inserted
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +60 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C to +80 °C
Weight without scanning lever 0.37 kg
Weight with scanning lever 0.46 kg