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H-BOX is an IoT terminal device, it supports all the functions of the HT3000 except that it has no screen, you can use mobile phone, PAD, PC as its screen. Perfectly realize all functions of IoT through HNC cloud platform, cloud engine and cloud APP. HNC Cloud is a cross-platform industrial Internet of Things cloud platform that supports PC, iPad, Android,and iOS multi-platform terminals. Simply put, HNC Cloud is a complete set of cloud service solutions forthe automation industry. It covers HNC Cloud website, cloud configuration, cloud HMI, cloud APP and other products. Through the HNC cloud platform, users can remotely access machines and equipment on the site thousands of miles away, realize remote monitoring and maintenance of HMI and PLC, realize remote programming, firmware upgrade, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging, etc. In summary, the HNC cloud platform has 9 major Features, it can help users realize the functions of cloud networking, cloud access, cloud video, cloud alarm, cloud engine, cloud management, cloud security, cloud translation and cloud map. The HNC Cloud provides a secure communication mechanism. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure stable data transmission. A-Key and B-Key protection mechanisms are also set up on the device side to ensure the safety and reliability of remote access devices. The IoT BUS APP supports iPad, Android, and iOS multi-platform terminals. Users can search for “IoT Bus” for free download through the major APP application stores.

HCS Series Card type PLC

HCS series is a new series of economical card type PLC, ptimized structure, innovative communication, PID and other powerful instructions for easy programming, built-in cloud engine. MPU built-in Ethernet+ RS485, some MPU integrated analog interface. Hardware features: 1. Easy selection: Product model naming is easy to understand and convenient for model selection. 2. Structure optimization: Optimized structure design, compact size, beautiful appearance, saving installation space. 3. Easy wiring: Direct insert terminal, humanized design, more convenient wiring. 4. Integrated analog interface: The PLC main unit integrates DI/DO and AI/AO with flexible configuration and higher cost performance. 5. Ethernet + : Ethernet and RS485 interfaces are standard on the PLC main unit, supporting simultaneous operation of two communication ports. Each communication port can be programmed and networked as a master or slave station. 6. Unlimited networking: PLC main unit can be networking, theoretically can form unlimited points control network, a perfect substitute for medium or even large PLC system. 7. Perfect temperature control: Thermal resistance, thermocouple and unique temperature& humidity sensor modules, etc., perfectly meet the application requirements of process control. 8. Communication + : Communication extension module with isolation to meet stable communication extension requirements. Programming software features: 1. Three programming languages: HPMaster is a PLC programming software conforming to IEC 61131-3, which supports LD (ladder diagram), FBD (function block diagram) and IL (instruction table). 2. Good compatibility: Stable operation in Win98, Win200X, WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 and other operating systems. 3. Prompt message and help function: All instructions and detailed information of hardware modules can be opened in the software through F1 key to find the answer. Even if HPMaster programming software is used for the first time, the program can be easily written. 4. Three-level password protection: Password for project files, password for PLC, password for individual program blocks, and protection functions such as preventing program upload. 5. Modular program project structure: Up to 63 program blocks can be established (including main program, subroutine, interrupt program), programming language can be chosen arbitrarily, execution order of program blocks can be adjusted arbitrarily, each block can be imported and exported separately and has the same password protection as program project. 6. Cloud programming: The built-in cloud engine enables PLC remote programming, download, firmware upgrade, diagnosis, monitoring and debugging through HNC cloud, enabling easy remote connection and detecting on-site conditions at any time. Locally, the PLC can be programmed with a cloud engine built into the TP300 series HMI. 7. Program simulator: Can be simulated running PLC program in the case of complete separation from PLC,greatly reducing field debugging time and improving debugging efficiency. 8. Communication simulator: Equipped with a communication simulation tool specially designed for debugging communication instructions, it can simulate the process of PLC executing communication instructions and processing the data returned from the slave computer. 9. Online monitoring and debugging function: Provide up to 10 pages of component monitoring table, can choose to display data in different data formats, support mixed monitoring of bit components and register components and display component notes at the same time. 10 Unique real-time curve function: Real-time curve monitoring can be carried out on any register components to facilitate process control and debugging. 11. PLC execution file: The PLC source program can be generated into a PLC execution file that can be independently released and executed, convenient and safe to give the PLC execution file to the end user to download, there is no need to worry about the user knowing the source program content. 12. Firmware upgrade function: No matter CPU host or extension module, firmware can be upgraded for free. Even the previously purchased products can have various latest functions continuously introduced. 13. Powerful online PLC function: It can search out all PLC connected with the PC, show the information and status of all online PLC, and can choose any PLC for online monitoring, program download, firmware upgrade, control PLC running stop, etc. Programming instructions features: 1. Powerful innovation convenience instructions: on the basis of analyzing and absorbing various EXISTING PLC instructions, many powerful innovation convenience instructions are launched. Such as communication instruction (MODR, MODW HWRD HWWR), PID control (PID), valve control (VC), upper and lower alarm (HAL, LAL), send (SC), the temperature curve radius (TTC), only one instruction can implement other brand PLC need multiple instructions to realize the function, greatly improve the efficiency of programming and program run faster. 2. Instruction routines: In the help document, all instructions are explained in detail and corresponding routines are supported to be opened and downloaded into PLC. 3. Rich communication protocols: built-in Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, free communication protocol and HNCbus high-speed communication protocol instructions independently developed by HNC. 4. Powerful communication instruction: No matter use what kind of communication protocol is simply a communication instruction can complete complex communication function, no conflict, to send and receive control for communication port, communication interrupt handling problems such as trouble, and the same communication port can use different protocols, complete the required all sorts of data exchange easily. 5. Powerful analog input processing: AI register can be used to directly access analog input, analog input support engineering conversion, sampling times setting and zero correction. 6. Powerful analog output processing: The analog output can be directly controlled by AQ register. The analog output can support engineering conversion and can be configured with blackout output holding function. 7. PID control function: Support 32 incremental PID, 32 self-tuning PID, 32 fuzzy temperature control, with TTC temperature curve control, VC valve control and other instructions to easily achieve a variety of complex control requirements of industrial site.

HHS Series High Performance Soft Starter

HHS series of soft starter is the latest development of HNC has an international leading technology of intelligent AC motor soft starter. HHS Series Soft Starter uses the power electronic technology, the microprocessor technology and the modern control theory technology, has the present international advanced level the new starting equipment. This product can effectively limit the starting current of asynchronous motor, which can be widely used in fan, water pump, compressor and other transportation and heavy equipment, is the star delta conversion, autotransformer, magnetron step-down    start ideal replacement equipment.

    HHS series of soft starter has excellent performance with the international high-end soft starter of the same, further strengthen the product reliability and environmental adaptability, humanization and professional design, can meet various application requirements.


1. Multi start mode: The maximum output torque can be obtained by the voltage ramp mode. The maximum current can be obtained by the constant current soft starter mode, which can be applied to the load with large static friction force 2. High reliability: The high performance microprocessor is used to process the signal in the control system, so as to avoid the excessive adjustment of the analog circuit in the past, so as to obtain excellent accuracy and execution speed 3. High performance: Programmable delay start mode, programmable interlocks control No sequence requirements for input power Starting time, parking time can be modified Dynamic fault memory function, easy to find the cause of the fault, up to ten faults can be recorded 4. Field bus full dynamic control monitoring starter, easy networking: Bus type is MODBUS. 5. Variety of protection functions: Protection against over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase loss, motor overload, etc.。 6. English character display function: LCD display a variety of operating parameters, programming and fault state with text prompts 7. Perfect humanized design: Beautiful appearance and reasonable structure Perfect function and simple operation Solid, reliable and compact The artistic design of industrial products 8. Reliable quality assurance: Computer simulation design STM patch production process Excellent electromagnetic compatibility High temperature aging, vibration test before the factory 9. Quick and thoughtful after-sales service: Reliable performance and quality lay the foundation for quality service Provide excellent and complete equipment design Timely and thoughtful use of consulting Continuously improve product performance according to user opinion.

HSV-180AD AC380V Servo Drive

HSV-180AD digital AC servo drive is a high-voltage feed drive based on HSV-18D. The drive unit uses AC 380V power input, and features compact architecture, easy operation, and high reliability. HSV-180AD digital AC servo drive unit uses the latest technology such as digital signal processor (DSP) for motion control and intelligent power module (IPM) to achieve a closed-loop servo control of position, speed, and torque for permanent magnet AC synchronous servo motors. HSV-180AD digital AC servo drive unit provides protection functions for short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheat, and pump. It integrates communication interface, pulse input interface, analog input interface, and small keypad debugging digital display.   ...................................................................FEATURES..........................................................................
  1. High Performance AC digital servo drive
  2. Easy and flexible control (five control modes)
  3. Full state display
  4. Various interface and control modes
  5. Applicable to situations that requires high speed and high power
  6. Double encoder interfaces that can be connected to position feedback components such as grating ruler to form full-closed loop position control system

HV390 Series Mini Design Frequency Inverter

HV390 is the newest AC inverter with compact design from HNC Electric, Thanks to advanced current vector control algorithm and newest hardware, HV390 has high stability and perfect motor control performance. Based on listening and understanding of customers’ requirement, HV390 supports full range of input voltage ( AC 120V / 220V / 380V / 460V and etc.) , complete functions for different countries and applications. *Mini design housing suitable for micro automation such as packaging machine, labeling machine, conveyor belt etc. *Installation back mounting system can insert the inverter directly into the rack *Programmable DI/DO/AI/AO as well as RS485 Modbus RTU make easy communication with other devices *Integrated PID function support most of water supply applications *Integrated multi-speed function support most of texitile application  

1. Advanced motor control technology support both Open loop vector control(SVC) and V/F control.

2. Different input voltage( 220V single phase/220V 3 phase/380V 3 phase/460V 3 phase).

3. High starting torque characteristics and precise speed control.

4. Suitable for all regions which have different grid and voltage.

5. All product type integrate force-cooling fan.

6. Built in simple PLC, PID , programmable I/O terminals, RS485 interface, analog input / output control function and other rich control functions

7. Mini design housing suitable for micro automation such as packaging machine, labeling machine, conveyor belt etc

HV480 Series High Performance Frequency Inverter

New HV480 series is a general current vector control inverter integrated with the performance and features in a high degree. HV480 with industry-leading drive performance and functionality control, using unique current vector control algorithm can efficiently drive induction motor to achieve high accuracy, high torque and high-performance control. Detachable keyboard,support copy parameters by keypad, debugging software on PC, built-in EMC filter, reduce EMC interference, .ect. These optimized designs make HV480 series an industry-leading product and bring tangible benefits to customers. Customer success, Market Service!HV480 in terms of performance and control are worthy of trust! 1. Advanced motor control technology support Open loop vector control(SVC) and V/F control. 2. Different input voltage(220V single phase/220V 3 phase/380V 3 phase/460V 3 phase). 3. High starting torque characteristics and precise speed control. 4. Rich and flexible I/O accesses and field bus options. 5. Suitable for all regions which have different grid and voltage. 6. Upgrade I/O(NPN/PNP compatible) can meet more application requirement without controller(PLC) . 7. Programmable DI/DO/AI/AO, and Modbus RTU make easy communication with other devices. 8. Detachable keyboard,support copy parameters by keypad, support keyboard extension. 9. Debugging software, suitable for parameter set, waveform monitor, optimizing device performance. 10. Multi-pumps control, constant pressure water supply function. 11. Built-in EMC filter, reduce EMC interference , reduce malfunctions and improve accuracy. 12. Kinds of communication cards are available, Easy to integrate into the network to help Industry 4.0.

HV580L Series Elevator Inverter

HV580L series frequency inverter is the professional for elevator of HNC. It concludes below improvement & innovation based on the ordinary V/F inverter. With the high-end design and high quality and reliability, HV580 series inverter will bring the users all new experience.
  • 1. Smooth ride performance
  • 2. Integrated brake control
  • 3. Default factory setting user friendly factory, get you started quickly.
  • 4. 4-Indepenent S-Ramps
  • 5. Programmable DC –injection braking
  • 6. Complete functions for elevator application

HV580L series elevator inverter has Perfect performance: 1.     Simplified parameter for easy start up 2.     Comprehensive trip diagnostics 3.     High start torque 180%/0Hz at FVC 4.     Automatic torque boost 5.     Slip compensation 6.     Flexible programmable I/O connection 7.     Output frequency 0~300Hz 8.     In-built dynamic braking unit 9.     To protect the mechanical torque limitation 10.  High starting torque feature. 11.  Superior responsiveness 12.  Motor overheating protection 13.  Prompt current limit function

HV590 Series FVC High Performance Frequency Inverter

New HV590 series is a general current vector control inverter integrated with  the performance and features in a high degree. HV590 with industry-leading drive performance and functionality control, using unique current vector control algorithm can efficiently drive induction motor to achieve high accuracy, high torque and high-performance control. Customer success, Market Service!HV590 in terms of performance and control are worthy of trust!   ....................................................................FEATURES......................................................................... 1.Advanced motor control technology support both Open loop vector control(SVC), Closed loop vector control(FVC) and V/F control. 2.Different input voltage(220V single phase/220V 3 phase/380V 3 phase/460V 3 phase). 3.High starting torque characteristics and precise speed control. 4.Rich and flexible I/O accesses and field bus options. 5.Suitable for all regions which have different grid and voltage. 6.Upgrade I/O(NPN/PNP compatible) can meet more application requirement without controller(PLC) like elevator, textile etc. 7.Programmable DI/DO/AI/AO as well as RS485 Modbus RTU make easy communication with other devices.

Photoelectric Sensor

Complete models: including diffuse reflection, retro-reflection, and through-beam type. Various installation methods: including cylindrical installation and square installation. Large monitoring range: from 5cm to 50m, according to your needs, we provide the most suitable products for you. Photoelectric sensors are sensors that use various properties of light to detect the presence or absence of an object and change in surface state. They are mainly composed of a light-emitting projection unit and a light-receiving unit that receive light. If the projected light is blocked or reflected depending on the detection object, the amount of light reaching the light-receiving part will change. The light receiving unit detects this change and converts it into an electrical signal for output.   Optimized circuit design, strong anti-interference ability High reliability and high accuracy Metal case for easy installation and protection Adjustable sensitivity Suitable for multiple applications Compact design with built-in amplifier Far distance detection

Proximity Sensor

Complete model: Capacitive / Inductive / Hall in Square and cylindrical sensor. Can detect metal, non-metal, magnet and other materials, such as: Cylindrical Diameter: 4mm/5mm/8mm/12mm/18mm/30mm Detection distance: 1mm/1.5mm/2mm/4mm/5mm/8mm/10mm/15mm Proximity sensors are a general term for sensors that replace contact detection methods such as limit switches and travel switches, and monitor objects without contacting the detection object. He can convert the movement information and presence information of the detection object into electrical signals.  
  • Suitable for multiple applications with high performance
  • Metal case for easy installation and protection
  • Brilliant indicator light for easy viewing of work status
  • Internal glue, fixed circuit board, good shock resistance
  • Optimized circuit design, good EMC performance
  • The wrong polarity of the power supply will not damage the product

Rotary Encoder

Complete models: The product series includes solid shaft, hollow shaft, half-hollow shaft and cone shaft models, servo-specific encoders, and wire encoders. Such as: Size: Φ25mm/Φ30mm/Φ38mm/Φ48mm/Φ58mm/Φ60mm/Φ80mm/Φ100mm Resolution: 100PPR/200PPR/300PPR/360PPR/400PPR/500PPR/600PPR/1000PPR/1024PPR/2000PPR/2048PPR/2500PPR /5000PPR Rotary encoder is a displacement sensor that integrates mechanical, optical and electrical technologies. Through photoelectric conversion, mechanical displacement such as angular displacement and angular velocity can be converted into corresponding electrical pulses. It is mainly used for speed measurement, positioning, counting and other applications.   All series are metal housings, high protection level Optimized circuit design, good EMC and high accuracy Multiple output type options Installation size compatible with mainstream brands, easy to replace Components are well-known brands, guaranteed Small size, light weight and easy installation Suitable for a variety of automation equipment Can be customized