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CORDUROY WET BRUSHING Description: Corduroy wet brushing machine. This machine can brush all kind of corduroy, special cross brushes belts are installed at the bottom and rotary brushes are in the top of the machine; Spring water system let's to wet the fabrics constantly during the process. The water is recycled by an automatic filter unit. WET BRUSHING. To develop a good quality corduroy, the wet brushing is the most important step in all corduroy finishing process. Due to the water that swells the natural fibers, the brush action is much more effective; Wet brush process let's easily form good quality shape of corduroy's whales. BNR2 X 2 - HIGH SPEED CORDUROY WET BRUSHING MACHINES BNR2 WET BRUSHING WITH SQUEEZER Characteristics: CORDUROY BRUSHING MACHINE This system is the risult of more than forty years of experience in the specific field of corduroy. The brushing machines ANR2 and BNR2 have been specifically planned and realized for the continuous brushing of corduroy fabrics. PATENTS protects the innovation introduced which have made those brushing machine the most technologically advanced machine and above all the only in conformity with CE standards.