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AS4 Wet & Dry sueding

AS4 Wet & Dry sueding Description: WET & DRY SUEDING MACHINE AS4 The AS4 is a sueding machine that is caracterized by an high versatily because lets suede both on wet and dry condition; This machine is using four light weight composite carbon fibre roller, that assure a perfect balance and high resistence. On this machine it is possible to use waterproof emery cloth or diamond tape to cover all the sueding rollers. Machine can works in combination of brushes. MAIN FEATURES Dry fabric feeding, wetting unit with squeezer roller and water tank, flow water on each sueding roller, high squeezing unit at outlet. Four reversibile, indipendent, inverter controlled sueding and brush rollers each with oscillating motion. Fabric interference angle independently adjustable for each suede/brush roller. Emery tape clamping by means of an exclusive, patent pneumatic device. Automatic, adjustable seam passage system to get the lowest length of untreated fabric.